Driver HX711 load cell transmitter


HX711 transmitter

This module is an interface between the load cells and the microcontroller, allowing you to read the weight easily.

Operating voltage: 5V DC

Current consumption: less than 10mA

Differential input voltage: ±40mV

A/D conversion resolution: 24 bit

Reading Frequency: 80 Hz


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Drivers HX711

  • Current consumption including an analog power supply regulator chip: normal operation <1.5 mA, drop power < 1uA
  • Operation voltage supply range: 2.6  ~ 5.5V
  • Operating temperature range -40  ~ + 85°
  • This module uses 24 high precision, a converter chip A/D hx711,
  • Designed for high precision electronic scale 
  • Two analog input channels 
  • Internal integration of a programmable gain amplifier 
  • Input circuit can be configured to provide an electrical bridge. Bridge voltage (such a pressure, weight) sensor model is an ideal, high - precision and low - cost sampling front-end module.
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