Shipments and returns


We offer shipments with the best operators in the sector so you can decide when you will receive your things and arrive on time.

Ship time 

The ship time is an estimate of when the item will leave our warehouse. At least 2 emails will be sent for each order placed:

Order Acknowledgement Email 

We will send a shipment notification email when the item ships from our warehouse. The shipment notification email includes the carrier name, the order number, date order, tracking number, and a delivers by date.

Same day shipping 

Shipments will be sent on the same day only if your order is made before 12 hours UTC-06:00 and working day, all items are abailable, your order is paid in full at time of booking and your order will not be consider an exception.

If we can nor fulfill the order due to the low availability of the product, in these exceptional cases, we will notify you by email of the new shipment and the delivery time for the first time.

Local delivery 

If it is located in the State of Hidalgo, it is possible to make local delivery as a method of delivery in the payment process. All local delivery orders must be prepaid. We do not accept cash or checks.

To be able to pick up your order you must make sure to receive the mail in which you notify them that your order is ready for delivery. The hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from monday to friday and saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Deviation of packages 

If your package goes with incorrect address do not hesitate to contact us, we sill immediately contact the parcel to update your delivery address.

We dan not guarantee that the change of address request will be honored as the package can be delivered before the routing/return instructions are received.

International Shipping 

Most international shipments will incur additional fees in the form of duties and taxes. These fees are your responsability, and are related to the country with which you are importing. These charges are in addition to the shipping cost, and are not able to be estimated. 

Free shipping

Your package applies for free shipping if it meets the following characteristics:

  • The shipping package must be greater than $1,500.00 MXN
  • It must be within national territory, only, Mexico as destination country.
  • Methods of sending "3-11 days"

It must be taken into account that we have products that do not apply for free shipping, if your package includes it, it will be excluded. The reasons why some of our products are excluded is beacuse of the size, they require special handling, they request special requirements, among others. 

Taxes and Duties 

Important to note that the buyer is reponsible for VAT, duties, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance, etc. that your country requires you to import consumer goods. We do not charge in advance and we can not offer you an estimate of the cost, as it varies by cities. Please calculate to be ready and have your package approved at customs and have an idea of what the additional cost will be. 

Do I need to pay taxes and import duties?

Many countries do not charge tariffs on private items below a certain established value. However, you may have to pay taxes when the products you requested arrive in your country.

Electronic items are the most commonly taxed items. If you request a phone or a tablet, we strongly recommend that you verify it.

ADOY STORE can not give you advice or information about tax rates and customs charges in your country.

We advise you to know the local regulations before placing the order. You can also request a low-value statement to help avoid any taxes.

Note: please note that ALL taxes / import duties are the responsability of the buyer.

How can I find out about my local import tariffs?

Every country is different; our advice is check with your local council, post office, or government tax department. A search online may provide the insight you need to find out what the tax is likely to be.

Can Adoy store declare the goods at a low value? 

Sometimes, we will do our best to help you with import regulations. If you find out the import tax situation in your country, and you believe there are ways to minimize the taxes you have to pay, we are happy to follow your instructions regarding labeling, packing, declarations and invoices. Special requests can be made by explaining the situation using the online comments box during the checkout process. Or, if you need advice about wheter a particular declared value is possible before you pay, you should "contact us". We will then look at the contents of your order and your country and assess what value is appropiate.

Can Adoy store always declare a low value?

If your order value is large, or contains many items, or certain electronic items it is not possible to declare the order as low value.

After sale service

Thanks for shopping at Adoy Store. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy the cool stuff we made. 

We also want to make sure you will have a rewarding experience while you explore and use our products. We believe you will be satisfied with the products you bought from Adoy Store. That's because we make every effort to ensure that they are designed and build to meet your needs.

We understand, however, that sometimes, a product may not be what you expect it to be. Or there are some situations in which the product you bought suffered physical damages caused by wrong installation, operation, demolition, repair and modification without the permissio, or injuries caused by natural force or other majeure force after ther purchase.

If you encounter the above situations, you can contact with our after-sale service. If it is a matter of missing deliver you can send an e-amil to We will confirm with the logistics department or the logistics company. Once we figure out the situation, we will make it up for you. If it is a matter of technical issue, please post your problems on our forum (you can refer to problem solving instruction) our technical staff will assist you to define the problems and help you resolve it.

Please attach some pictures of the product to illustrate the issues. And you are supposed to elaborate the problem that get you stuck, so that we can help you effectively and efficiently.